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Master in Biological Sciences mention Neurosciences


The Master Program in Biological Sciences, mention in Neurosciences, aims to provide fundamental knowledge in the area to professionals interested in the origin, development, normal and pathological functioning of the nervous system at its different levels of biological organization, from the molecule to behavior. The Program is academic in nature, seeking to provide its graduates with the necessary tools for the development of research capacities in neuroscience, either as independent professionals or associated with research groups or centers, or its application to teaching activities.

General objective:

Deliver fundamental, theoretical and practical knowledge about the development and normal and pathological functioning of the nervous system at its different levels of biological organization, from the molecule to behavior.

Specific objectives:

1.- Deliver theoretical knowledge about development, and the normal and pathological functioning of the nervous system at different levels of biological organization.
2.- Deliver experimental tools and to develop research at various levels of complexity, from the molecule to the behavior, in a focused way and oriented to the development of an experimental thesis.
3.- Train our students in the critical analysis of scientific information in the area of Neuroscience, generated from various sources.
4.-Train (or prepare) our students to disseminate the results of scientific work in the area, whether their own or those of others, by oral and written means.
5.- Deliver (or favor) a multidisciplinary environment for the development of the student and their insertion to research groups.

Magister accredited for 7 years (2019-2026) by the National Accreditation Commission (CNA- Chile)

11 noviembre

Program Director

Agustín Martínez, PhD
Centro Interdisciplinario de Neurociencia de Valparaíso, Universidad de Valparaíso

Deputy Director

Ramón Sotomayor, PhD
Centro de Neurobiología y Fisiopatología Integrativa, Universidad de Valparaíso

Academic Committee

Patricio Orio, PhD
Alexies Dagnino, PhD
Marco Fuenzalida, PhD
Oliver Schmachtenberg, PhD


Academic Institution Research Line (s)
Ana María Cárdenas, PhD. CINV / Universidad de Valparaíso Exocytosis, endocytosis and dynamics of the actin cytoskeleton.
Pablo Moya, PhD CINV / Universidad de Valparaíso Molecular mechanisms involved in anxiety disorders and mood disorders
Carlos González, PhD. CINV / Universidad de Valparaíso Structure-function of ion channels: Proton channel; KCNQ channel and BK Potassium Channel
Ramón Latorre, PhD. CINV / Universidad de Valparaíso Biophysics and Cellular Physiology; Biochemistry and Molecular Biology of Ion Channels
Agustín Martinez, PhD. CINV / Universidad de Valparaíso Oligomerization, traffic, structure and function of connexins and panexins; pathogenetic mechanisms of connexin mutations associated with genetic deafness
Alan Neely, PhD. CINV / Universidad de Valparaíso Molecular mechanisms of voltage-gated ion channel regulation.
Patricio Orio, PhD. CINV / Universidad de Valparaíso Computational Neuroscience: Modeling and mathematical analysis of neuron dynamics and neural networks
Adrián Palacios, PhD. CINV / Universidad de Valparaíso Use of Computational Models applied to neuronal coding in the retina; Physiology of the retina; Neurodegenerative processes like Alzheimer’s disease
Juan Carlos Sáez, PhD. CINV / Universidad de Valparaíso Intercellular and Hemichannel Junctions of Connexins and Panexins
Álvaro Ardiles,PhD CINV / Universidad de Valparaíso Understanding of the neurobiological mechanisms associated with neurodegenerative synaptopathies such as Alzheimer’s disease, through techniques of electrophysiology, animal behavior, Cell biology, Biochemistry, Histology and fluorescence microscopy
Pablo Muñoz Carvajal, PhD Universidad de Valparaíso Redox modulation of calcium signaling in synaptic plasticity under physiological conditions and during aging.
Wael El-Deredy, PhD. Universidad de Valparaíso Cognitive Electrophysiology / Computational Neuroscience
Arlek González-Jamett CINV / Universidad de Valparaíso Molecular mechanisms affected in the context of Hereditary Myopathies, neuromuscular diseases of genetic origin.
Christian Bonansco, Ph.D. Universidad de Valparaíso Synaptic neurobiology
Alexies Dagnino, Ph.D. Universidad de Valparaíso Resilience to stress and neuropsychiatric diseases, brain oscillations and behavior
Chiayu Chiu, PhD Max Planck Leader CINV / Universidad de Valparaíso Advanced optical methods such as optogenetics and multiphoton microscopy to specifically monitor and activate neural activity
Gonzalo Cruz Neculpan, PhD Universidad de Valparaíso Mechanisms that regulate reproduction and metabolism, placing control through the autonomic nervous system as a central axis.
Andrés Chávez, PhD. CINV / Universidad de Valparaíso Synaptic transmission, synaptic plasticity, neuromodulation
David Naranjo, PhD. Universidad de Valparaíso Permeation, activation, and folding of voltage-gated potassium channels
John Ewer, PhD. CINV / Universidad de Valparaíso  Drosophila genetics, behavior and development
Oliver Schmachtenberg, PhD. CINV / Universidad de Valparaíso Sensory coding in smell and visual system
Kathleen Whitlock, PhD. CINV / Universidad de Valparaíso Development and function of the nervous system using zebrafish as a model
Ramón Sotomayor, PhD. Universidad de Valparaíso Hormonal regulation of midbrain dopaminergic neurons (neuroendocrinology), pharmacological characterization of new phenylethylamine-derived molecules (neurochemistry-neuropharmacology) and functional evaluation of brain areas related to the reward circuit (neurobiology).


UV Academic Collaborators

Isaac García Carrillo
Karen Castillo
José Gárate Chateau
Gonzalo Jorquera Olave
Ignacio Negrón
Manuel Roncagliolo

Academic Collaborators from other universities

Georgina M. Renard, PhD. Universidad de Santiago de Chile
Javier Bravo Vivallo, PhD. Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso
Paul Délano, PhD. Universidad de Chile
Paola Haeger Soto, PhD. Universidad Católica del Norte
Marcela Julio Pieper, PhD. Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso
Juan Cristóbal Maass Oñate, PhD. Universidad de Chile
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