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Deadline extension to November 28


Our brain makes us who we are. For centuries, its inner workings have remained a mystery. Recent technological developments have allowed scientists unprecedented access into the brain to understand the mechanisms underlying its function. Researchers from Max Planck Institutes across the globe will gather in Valparaiso, Chile for three and a half days (Dec. 2-5, 2018) to share their findings in the CINV-Max Planck Symposium. This year, the theme of the symposium is “Understanding brain function and dysfunction: from synapses to circuits” and scientific talks will cover diverse topics, ranging from sensory transduction, synaptic physiology and plasticity, biochemical signaling and neuronal computation, connectomics and circuit processing in health and disease. Please click here for the symposium program

Although the symposium talks are open to the public, a registration fee of $5.000 (CLP) per day is required to cover coffee, snacks and lunch. The deadline for symposium registration is November 28, 2018 to allow sufficient time for preparations.

Please click here
to register for the symposium.


A microscopy course will be held in conjunction with the CINV-Max Planck Symposium. This course is designed for graduate students to highlight the diverse applications of modern optical techniques in the field of neuroscience. In addition to the symposium talks, there will be a practical lab component to the course. Students enrolled in the course will participate in lab demonstrations on the afternoons of Dec. 4th and 5th, 2018. Special emphasis will be placed on fluorescence microscopy, including the use of the spinning disk confocal microscope and the 2-photon laser-scanning microscope. At the end of the course, students are expected to understand the numerous considerations that go into choice of optical tool in experimental design and to properly collect and interpret imaging data.

Please click here
for more information on the microscopy course and the application requirements.








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