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“Latin-American Summer School in Computational Neuroscience” LACONEU 2019


On Friday, January 25, the fifth version of the Latin-American Summer School in Computational Neuroscience (LACONEU) concluded, a course that takes place every two years in Valparaíso and which brought together students from Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Venezuela, Spain, France and Germany.

During three weeks 15 researchers from Europe, America and Australia, held theoretical and practical classes, where the large-scale study of the dynamics of the brain was approached. In the course, the students analyzed large neural networks and data from imaging techniques such as electroencephalography or functional magnetic resonance imaging, which allows to record brain activity in a massive way, analyzes that they addressed using mathematical and physical tools.


During the course, the public talk of the neuroscientist Robin Carthart-Harris should be highlighted, who spoke about his studies on the use of hallucinogenic drugs such as psilocybin in the treatment of depression and was interviewed by El Mercurio de Valparaíso.

Look at our gallery of images of LACONEU 2019

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