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Chiayiu Chiu

When she was an associated researcher in the lab of Dr. Michael J. Higley, at the Neurobiology department of the Medical School of Yale University, Dr. Chiu developed a research line that combines electrophysiological and optical techniques to control and monitor activity in specific neuronal circuits in the cerebral cortex. In the CINV, Dr. Chiu plans to use these techniques to understand the complex forms by which excitatory and inhibitory communication between neurons conducts brain function and behavior.

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Phone:+56 32 2508453
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Rodrigo Suárez

This researcher, granted with a fellowship by the Australian Research Council, studies brain development in different species, with the objective of understanding the main events in the formation and diversification of neuronal circuits, with a special emphasis in the cerebral cortex and its connections between both hemispheres. Rodrigo will start as a CINV-Max Planck Research Leader in 2018


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