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    Registration fees

    XIV Latin American Symposium on Chronobiology 2017 - LASC 2017

    In dollars

     Registration type  Early Registration  Late registration  *Daily registration
       Payment until October 5th  Payment from October 6th
     Student  US $250  US $280  US $56
     Postdoc  US $250  US $280  US $56
     Faculty  US $300  US $340  US $68
     Companion  US $300  US $340  US $68


    In pesos

     Registration type  Early Registration  Late registration  *Daily registration
       Payment until October 5th  Payment from October 6th
     Student  $160.000  $179.200  $35.840
     Postdoc  $160.000  $179.200  $35.840
     Faculty  $192.000  $217.600  $43.520
     Companion  $192.000  $217.600  $43.520


    Registration fee for participants includes:

    • These costs include registration, all lunches & coffee breaks, opening cocktail and the closing dinner.
    • We have a number of grants pending; funds from any grant awarded will be used to defray the costs of registration, with priority given to students and junior faculty.
    • Registration costs will be covered for by an ICGEB grant for 24 students who are first authors of one of the best 24 abstracts. See “Student fellowships” for details.
    • *These costs include registration, all lunches & coffee breaks.