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Series and Documentaries

NEURÓPOLIS is a scientific and cultural outreach documentary production exploring the daily topics of neuroscience in the city. Why do we forget? Why do we feel pleasure? Why certain smells make us remember certain moments? What do we see when we perceive colors? This questions, fundamental or human beings have an impact on the city, the streets and on daily life, with the city of Valparaiso as background.

The hills of Valparaiso and the harbour streets are the main settings where the stories and the worlds of the main protagonists coming from different fields such as arts, neurobiologists, cyclists, biochemists, architects, chefs, designers and smartphones game programmers, matematicians studying fate, storytellers, magicians… are just some of the wide range of protagonists taking part in this production.

Each chapter addresses a univeral interest topic with a playful and original perspective, combining different disciplines in a deep and complete manner.

Audiovisual production by Cábala Producciones, narrating one of the most significant epic stories of Science in Chile; that of a group of researchers in Montemar, Valparaíso, that were able to perform world high impact discoveries using the nerves (axons) of the cuttlefish from the Humboldt stream.

Dirección: Gonzalo Argandoña.

Producción Ejecutiva: Diego Rojas.

Realización: Diego Pequeño.

Montaje: Danielle Fillios y Mauricio Gallardo.

Música: Jorge Puig y Jorge Demangel

Consultoría Científica y de contenidos: Ramón Latorre, Juan Carlos García.

This outreach TV production was designed by the CINV and produced by Cábala in collaboration with Novasur, the educational channel of the Consejo Nacional de Televisión and EXPLORA CONICYT. The program is filmed in Valparaíso and explores general interest topics such as beauty, illusions, or emotions in 6 chapters oriented at all publics integrating different perspectives from the areas of neurosciences, culture-arts and innovation. Valparaiso is one of the protagonists of this production as it is mentioned and shown in each chapter, with the intention of positioning the city as a reference for scientific development in combination with both arts and culture.

This production was launched at the Severin Library in Valparaiso and at the Café Literario del Parque Balmaceda, in Providencia, Santiago and was selected in the 19th scientific video exhibition in Brasil.

In 2017 the audiovisual production La Alegría de la Ciencia was filmed. This production includes 10 chapters based on the book with the same name. Three children and the main protagonists and they wonder and experiment on several interesting topics related to day to day life such as compost generation, temperature recording and the existence of bacteria in our direct environment. This material is oriented to basic education students and can be easily integrated into the classroom as complementary experimental workshop-activity. The chapters were broadcasted in open TV in May 2018.

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