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This CINV publication collects 3 centuries of history on the patrimonial building located in La Matriz neighborhood. This building will be harboring scientists and experts of the CINV with the intention of positioning the city of Valparaiso as an international reference in the field of neuroscience.

This publication recovers the building history, from its origins as a Jesuit temple in the XVIII century, its condition as legislative center in 1828; the functioning of police headquarters by the end of the 19th century and all the different damages caused by natural disasters and fires affecting its foundations since 1905. The text also reviews the origins of different scientific research in the region, starting from the cellular physiology lab in Montemar, which constitutes a first step in the project focused on placing the city of Valparaiso as an international reference for scientific development.


© 2014, Centro Interdisciplinario de Neurociencia de Valparaíso

© 2014, Universidad de Valparaíso

Cofinanciado con recursos de la Iniciativa Científica Milenio del Ministerio de Economía.

Comité editorial: Ramón Latorre, Pablo Muñoz Carvajal, Juan Carlos García, Ernesto Pfeiffer

Edición: Arantxa Martínez

Investigación histórica: Frida del Campo, Teresita Rodríguez, Gonzalo Sotomayor. Con la colaboración de Verónica Gálvez

Investigadores CINV: Ana María Cárdenas, Adrián G. Palacios, Agustín D. Martínez, Alan Neely, Carlos González, David Naranjo, Fernando Danilo González Nilo, John Ewer, Juan Carlos Sáez, Kathleen Whitlock, Oliver Schmachtenberg, Pablo Muñoz Carvajal, Patricio Orio, Ramón Latorre, Tomás Perez-Acle

© Traducción: Rebecca von Someren

© Grabados e ilustraciones originales: Cristián Olivos

Diseño y diagramación: Ajícolor

La Alegría de la Ciencia: Ciencia al Tiro (CAT) is an outreach program dedicated to broaden and teach Science in different public schools of Valparaíso. Kathleen Whitlock, professor and researcher at the CINV, founded and directs the program. The mission of CAT is to strengthen communities by creating an atmosphere of scientific curiosity through a variety of hand-on workshops and fun fieldtrips experienced by children from the región of Valparaíso. In 2014 and based on the program Ciencia al Tiro, the book La alegría de la ciencia, was published. This book gathers the main experiments described in the program´s workshops including beautiful and dynamic illustrations that are very attractive for children. In 2017 the audiovisual production La Alegría de la Ciencia was filmed. This production includes 10 chapers based on the book and this material is oriented to basic education students and can be easily integrated into the classroom as complementary experimental workshop-activity. The chapters will be broadcasted in open TV by the end of this year.

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This initiative rises in 2014 leaded by el Dr. Schmachtenberg and constituted by a group of students from the Masters and PhD program who are in charge of translating current and relevant high impact scientific publications in the field of neuroscience. Thanks to this translation to a common language these studies can be understood by the general public, helping people to increase their knowledge on different topics of interest and to become familiar with the scientific language and production. Articles translated and written by the students are periodically published in the culture and city section of El Mostrador, an online newspaper with a high impact on society. This approach is currently in the last phase of editing a book that will be published soon with a selection of the best articles that aim for offering scientific information accessible to all publics.

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