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reloj mosca V

Microscopio Dos Fotones

Two-photon excitation microscopy allows imaging of fluorescence signals in thick living tissue. The two-photon laser-scanning microscope (Scientifica Hyperscope) in our core facility is capable of combined two-photon fluorescence imaging, optogenetic stimulation and cellular electrophysiology in vitro. It is equipped with a tunable wavelength Mai Tai DeepSee Ti-Sapphire laser (690 to 1040 nm excitation) and collects reflected as well as transmitted fluorescence signals emitted in the red and green channels. Some applications of the two-photon microscope system include simultaneously imaging calcium signals in dendritic spines while recording electrical signals in neurons, visualizing cellular morphology and structural synaptic plasticity as well as and tracking intracellular protein movement. We are also able to adapt the microscope for in vivo experiments in small organisms such as the nematode worm Caenorhabditis elegans.

If you are interested in how the Scientifica Hyperscope may help your research, please contact the coordinator, Camila Morales.

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