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Advanced Fluorescence Microscopy Laboratory (LAMAF).

The fluorescence advanced microscopy lab has a confocal microscopy able to take high resolution and 3D pictures and movies (time lapse). This microscope is a Nikon C1 Plus and has an excitation source of 3 lasers: 408, 488 y 543 nm and 3 photomultipliers for the simultaneous detection of 3 fluorescence channels Together with an additional transmission channel with Nomarski differential interference contrast (DIC). The use of this microscope has a cost of $10.000/hour for academics and UV students and $20.000/hour for external researchers.

The minimum time of use is up to 3 consecutive hours per day. Publications including images taken by the Confocal Microscope must include the following suggested paragraph: “….Images….were taken on a Nikon C1Plus confocal microscope financed by MECESUP grant UVA0805.” For reservation please contact:

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