Alvaro O. Ardiles

Young associate research
Centro Interdisciplinario de Neurociencia de Valparaíso

Adjunct professor
Escuela de Medicina

Research Area: Synaptic Plasticity, Aging, Neurodegeneration.

Ph.D. in Neuroscience, Universidad de Valparaíso, Chile (2011).
Graduate in Biochemist, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso, Chile (2006)

Curriculum Vitae

Contact Information:
E-mail: alvaro.ardiles at

alvaro.ardiles at
Teléfono: (56)-(32)-2507354; -2508203

Address: Edificio Bruno Gunther, Hontaneda 2664.
Escuela de Medicina, Universidad de Valparaíso.
Valparaíso. Chile.

Research Statement:

It is believed that memories are stored by modifications in synaptic connections between neurons. Two types of activity-dependent synaptic modifications are long-term potentiation (LTP) and long-term depression (LTD), which have received considerable support to be considered as cellular memory mechanisms. I’m interested in understand the basic mechanisms underlying synaptic plasticity, and how these are affected in different conditions such as aging or synaptopathy. Synaptopathies are a group of pathologies implying disruptions in synaptic structure and function, a common feature observed in different illness affecting central nervous system, such as neurodevelopmental and psychiatric disorders and as well as neurodegenerative diseases. Currently I’m interested in study how glutamatergic receptors and Pannexin 1 channels are implicated in synaptopathies, specially in Alzheimer disease.


Selected Peer-reviewed Publications (last 5 years):

1. Pablo Muñoz, Carolina Estay, Paula Díaz, Claudio Elgueta, Álvaro O. Ardiles, and Pablo A. Lizana. (2016). Inhibition of DNA Methylation Impairs Synaptic Plasticity during an Early Time Window in Rats. Neural Plasticity, 2016:4783836.

2. Salazar C, Valdivia G, Ardiles ÁO, Ewer J, Palacios AG. (2016). Genetic variants associated with neurodegenerative Alzheimer disease in natural models. Biol Res. 49:14

3. Gabriela Martínez, René L. Vidal, Pablo Mardones, Felipe G. Serrano, Alvaro O. Ardiles, Craig Wirth, Claudia Molina, Pamela Valdés, Peter Thielen, Cecilia Hidalgo, Bernard L. Schneider, Bredford Kerr, Jose Luis Valdés, Adrian G. Palacios, Nibaldo C. Inestrosa, Laurie H. Glimcher and Claudio Hetz. (2016). Regulation of memory formation by the transcription factor XBP1. Cell reports 14:1-13.

4. Hui Huang, Alvaro O. Ardiles, Sunggu Wang, Gonzalo Valdivia, Min Baek, Adrian Palacios, Michela Gallagher and Alfredo Kirkwood. (2016).  Metabotropic Glutamate Receptors Induce a Form of LTP Controlled by Translation and Arc Signaling in the hippocampus. J. Neurosci. 36:1723 –1729.

5. Lucia Y. Du, Lily Y-L. Chang, Alvaro O. Ardiles, Cheril Tapia-Rojas, Joaquin Araya, Nibaldo C. Inestrosa, Adrian G. Palacios, Monica L. Acosta. (2015). Alzheimer’s disease-related protein expression in the retina of aged Octodon degus. Plos One 10(8):e0135499.

6. Inestrosa NC, Ríos JA, Cisternas P, Tapia-Rojas C, Rivera DS, Braidy N, Zolezzi JM, Godoy JA, Carvajal FJ, Ardiles AO, Bozinovic F, Palacios AG, Sachdev PS. (2015). Age progression of neuropathological markers in the brain of the Chilean rodent Octodon degus, a natural model of Alzheimer’s disease. Brain Pathol. 25:679-691.

7. Ardiles AO, Flores-Muñoz C, Toro-Ayala G, Cárdenas AM, Palacios AG, Muñoz P, Fuenzalida M, Sáez JC, Martínez AD (2014). Pannexin 1 regulates the bidirectional hippocampal synaptic plasticity in the adult mice. Front Cell Neurosci 8:326.

8. Lily Y. L. Chang, Jennifer Lowe, Alvaro O. Ardiles, Julie Lima, Angus C. Grey, Ken Robertson, Helen Danesh-Meyer, Adrian G. Palacios, Monica L. Acosta. (2013). Alzheimer’s disease in the human eye. Clinical tests that identify ocular and visual information processing deficit as biomarkers. Alzheimer Dement 10:251-61.

9. Ardiles AO, Ewer J, Acosta ML, Kirkwood A, Martinez A, Ebensperger LA, Bozinovic F, Lee TM, Palacios AG. (2013). Octodon degus (Molina 1782): A model in comparative biology and biomedicine. Cold Spring Harb Protoc. 4:312-8.

10. Sunggu Yang, Andrea Megill, Alvaro O. Ardiles, Sarah Ransom, Trinh Tran, Ming Teng Koh, Hey-Kyoung Lee, Michela Gallagher and Alfredo Kirkwood. (2013). Integrity of mGluR-LTD in the Associative/Commissural Inputs to CA3 Correlates with Successful Aging in Rats. J. Neurosci. 33:12670 –12678.

11. Cárdenas AM, Ardiles AO, Barraza N, Baéz-Matus X, Caviedes P. (2012). Role of tau protein in neuronal damage in Alzheimer’s disease and down syndrome. Arch Med Res. 8:645-54.

12.  Ardiles AO, Tapia-Rojas CC, Mandal M, Alexandre F, Kirkwood A, Inestrosa NC, Palacios AG. (2012). Postsynaptic dysfunction is associated with spatial and object recognition memory loss in a natural model of Alzheimer’s disease. PNAS. 109:13835-40.

13. Huang S, Treviño M, He K, Ardiles A, de Pasquale R, Guo Y, Palacios A, Huganir R, Kirkwood A. (2012). Pull-Push Neuromodulation of LTP and LTD Enables Bidirectional Experience-Induced Synaptic Scaling in Visual Cortex. Neuron 73,497-510.

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