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The CINV is an institute housed at the Universidad de Valparaiso. It is specialized in the study of the nervous system, and includes biophysicists, physiologists, neurobiologist, and experts on bioinformatics and molecular modeling. Its scope of study covers from the inner working of proteins that transduce signals from the outside world to the behavior of neural networks and of animals.

The CINV is involved in the important role of training future neurobiologist by participating in the Master and Ph.D. Neuroscience Programs of the Universidad de Valparaiso. In 2011 the CINV became the first Center within a public university to become an “Instituto Milenio”, and from the science field, seeks to be an active collaborator in the reactivation of Valparaiso.


              Dr. Ramón Latorre de la Cruz
             Universidad de Valparaíso












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