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Synthesis of Scents
Olfaction: From Molecules to Mind

The Symposium “Synthesis of Scents” was organized with the idea of integrating the work of world-class investigators to introduce us to the fascinating world of olfaction. The olfactory sensory system is a unique sensory system showing high levels of plasticity both in the periphery, where the neurons regenerate throughout life, and in the central nervous system where the integration of information can be modulated through interactions with neural and endocrine systems. An intimate understanding of olfaction and olfactory behaviors is essential not only to understand a sensory system integrally linked to emotion, but also to understand how olfactory cues in the environment can modulate behaviors, gene expression, and biosynthesis of odors.

We have programmed extra time during the coffee breaks and lunch for registered participants to present posters highlighting their research projects.

Kathleen Whitlock
CINV – Universidad de Valparaíso