Laboratory for Advanced Fluorescence Microscopy (LAMAF)

The LAMAF has three advanced fluroresence microscopes: A laser-scanning confocal upright microscope, a LASER-TIRF (Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence) and an L-RET (Lanthanide Resonance Energy Transfer) workstation. 

The confocal microscope, model Nikon C1 Plus, has three laser lines, 408, 488 and 543 nm and an additinal Nomarski contrast transmission channel. The microscope is operated by a dedicated professional, Srta. Victoria Devia.

The charge for the use of the microscope is $10.000/hour for academics and students from the University of Valparaíso, and $20.000/hour for external users. Minimum use is 1 hour and maximum 3 consecutive hours.

Reservations can be made at the e-mail address:

The LASER-TIRF and the L-RET setups are available to students and academics previously trained in the respective methodologies, since they do not have a dedicated operator.

Inquiries can be made directly to the responsible investigators: Dr. Agustín Martínez, (Laser-TIRF) and Dr. Ramón Latorre,  (L-RET workstation). 






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