Two Postdoctoral Positions on Ion Channels Studies

Two Postdoctoral Positions on Ion Channels Studies


Funded by CONICYT Grant ACT-1104: Voltage Sensor of ion channels: from structure to function. Applications are invited for two Postdoctoral Positions to study ion channels at Universidad de Valparaiso and Universidad del Desarrollo, Chile.

Required experience and Skills:

The aim of this project is to understand the molecular mechanisms underlying the way that connexin and pannexin voltage-dependent channels are operate. The project is focusing in the voltage sensor domain of hemichannels, using molecular biology, classic electrophysiology (patch clamp) and voltage clamp fluorometry (VCF) techniques. The candidate`s work should involve with the Connexin and Pannexin, and BK, Hv and Ca Channels Anillo-Grant studies under Drs. Carlos González, Alan Neely, Agustín Martínez, Mauricio Retamal and Wendy González. Supervision will be at the Universidad de Valparaíso or/and Universidad del Desarrollo or / and Universidad de Talca, in Valparaíso, Santiago and Talca.

To apply

Candidates must have a PhD degree in Biochemistry, Biology or a closely related field, three or more peer-reviewed publications in a relevant research area.

Applicants must submit background, including an up to date resume, certificates of degree, one letter indicating motivation and two references letters of academics supporting your application.

Primary localization: Santiago de Chile

Job time: Full time

Screening of applications is ongoing and will continue until this position is filled.

Please send the information to Prof. Carlos González, e-mail

Subject: CINV-Anillo 2012

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