Juan Ignacio Molina Building, the new challenge of the CINV

Edificio Severín 1

Severin building’s historic facade

The CINV knows that science can have an important role in the socioeconomic reactivation in Valparaiso. In fact, the CINV wants to be an active collaborator in the reactivation of the city by building its new home in the La Matriz – Barrio Puerto neighborhood, located in the historic center of Valparaíso. To join tradition, heritage and vanguard is part of the mark that the Universidad de Valparaiso wants to have, and this building is coherent with the tradition of our University in the city.

Through this initiative it will be possible to rescue the Severin Building, one of the most emblematic properties of the city, which was declared a World Heritage city by UNESCO. With this modern and innovative building the CINV wants to demonstrate that it is posible to locate programmatic complexity buildings, like sciences laboratories, recovering historic places. 

Edificio Severín 2

View from the roof of the building and terrace cafe


The project will have interactives exhibitions, that will join science and children and young people of the city. Moreover it will have an auditorium for 200 people designed to scientific seminars and cultural activities.

This building will house more than 150 people, and will include national and international researchers as well as doctoral students, making it a science lighthouse for Chile and the world.

In this context, the new CINV building of the Universidad de Valparaiso want to be an attraction point to academics, students, children, institutions and tourists being part of the reactivation of the Barrio Puerto.



Edificio Severín 3

Inside view of the building. Laboratory area