Kesheng Xu

Postdoctoral Researcher:
“Centro Interdisciplinario de Neurociencia de Valparaíso”.
Research Area: Dynamical Systems and Computational Neuroscience. 
Computational Neuroscience Laboratory, Professor Patricio Orio.

Ph.D. in theoretical physics, East China Normal Univeristy, China(2015).
Master degree in theoretical physics, Guang Xi Normal Univeristy, China(2011).
Bachelor in physics , An Qing Normal University, China(2008)

Curriculum Vitae

Contact Information:
Teléfono: (56)-(32)-2508185
Fax: (56)-(32)-250 8047

Address: Centro Interdisciplinario de Neurociencia de Valparaíso.
Facultad de Ciencias, Universidad de Valparaíso.
Gran Bretaña 1111. Playa Ancha. Valparaíso. Chile.

Research Statement:

I investigated self-sustain oscillation related to the brain memory and procedure of memory based on different mathematical neuronal models and synapse models during my Ph.D time. The results showed that self-sustain patterns which may be correlated with dream were generated by only changing one neural network link or network connection without any external stimulus and procedure of memory from the short-term memory to long-term memory was accomplished based on heterogeneous synapse connection of neural networks. I also studied the synchronization in a two-dimensional Hindmarsh-Rose neuronal network by introducing a global coupling scheme with time delay, where the length of time delay is proportional to the spatial distance between neurons.
Currently, I am studying, in collaboration with Patricio Orio at CINV, the chaos with single neural model and neural networks stuff.



  • Kesheng Xu ,Xiyun Zhang,Chaoqing Wang,Zonghua Liu,A simplified memory network model based on pattern formation. Sci.Rep.4,7568(2014).

  • Kesheng Xu,Wenwen Huang,Baowen Li,Mekesh Dhamala,Zonghua Liu,Controlling self-sustained spiking activity by adding or removing one network link. Europhys. Lett. 102, 50002 (2013).

  • Guoning Tang,Kesheng Xu, and Luoluo Jiang, Synchronization in a chaotic neural network with time delay depending on the spatial distance between neurons, Phys.Rev.E.84.046207(2011).

  • Chunbiao Li,Kesheng Xu ,and Wen Hu , Sprott system locked on chaos with constant Lyapunov exponent spectrum and its anti-synchronization.Acta Phys.Sin.60 120504(2011).

  • Kesheng Xu,Weidong Zhang, and Guoning Tang,Synchronization and Anti-Synchronization on Hindmarsh-Rose Neuron Model via Single Variable Control. Journal of Guangxi Normal University (Natural Science, 2010).

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