Fernando Danilo González Nilo

Molecular Simulation and Computational Biologydanilo-gonzales

Full professor and Director of 
Center for Bioinformatics and Integrative Biology (CBIB)

Contact information:

E-mail1: fernando.gonzalez at unab.cl
E-mail2: danilo.gonzaleznilo at gmail.com
Teléfono: +56-2-770 3405
Código postal: 8370146
Center for Bioinformatics and Integrative Biology (CBIB)
Facultad de Ciencias Biológicas
Universidad Andres Bello
Av, Republica 217, Santiago, Chile

Curriculum Vitae

Research Statement:

Dr. Fernando Danilo González Nilo, Ph.D. in Chemistry (43), is a full professor and Director of the Center for Bioinformatics and Integrative Biology (CBIB), at Universidad Andres Bello. The CBIB of the University Andres Bello houses a trans-disciplinary team whose main goal is to develop research strategies that bring together the benefits of computational and experimental validation methods. The CBIB highly integrated approach favors an iterative research cycle based on observation, modeling, simulation, and validation. This approach is supported by a high performance computing system (SGI ICE 8400 with 1.536 cores and 3TB of RAM memory), enabling the development and use of high-performance molecular simulation and bioinformatics tools in areas as diverse as Molecular Design, Protein Engineering, and Omics-Technologies. The computer system is tightly integrated to the Protein Engineering, Cell biology and Electron Microscopy laboratories. This arrangement in central to CBIB design for the development of multidisciplinary initiatives that allow exploring new questions in integrative biology.

CBIB team take part in multiple theoretical-experimental projects through collaborative efforts with national and international groups specialized in biophysics, enzymatic catalysis, computer based drug design, transmembrane proteins and bio- and nano-technology, among others. In the field of nanobiology, CBIB maintains a tight collaboration with the National Cancer Institute (NCI, USA) for the adaptation and development bioinformatics tools for nanoparticle characterization with the main objective to apply nanotechnology in medicine and biological systems. Other line that my group is focused, within the CBIB, in the development and implementation of advanced methods in Molecular Dynamics simulations for the analysis and characterization of the structural determinants that govern the activation and conductance of K channels (SHAKER, HSlo, TRPV1 and TRPM8). 

Selected Publications:

  • Rodrigo Vasquez-Del Carpio, Fernando D. González-Nilo, Hariharan Jayaram, Eugenio Spencer, B. V. Venkataram Prasad, John T. Patton and Zenobia F. Taraporewala. (2004) Role of the HIT-Like Motif in Nucleotide Hydrolysis by the Rotavirus RNAPackaging Protein NSP2.  J. Biol. Chem., Vol. 279(11), 10624-10633, 2004. Cover Figure
  • María Isabel Niemeyer, Fernando D. González-Nilo, Leandro Zúñiga, Wendy González, L. Pablo Cid & Francisco V. Sepúlveda. (2007) Neutralization of a single arginine residue gates open a two-pore domain, alkali-activated K+ channel.  Proceeding of the National Academy of Sciences,  104 (2): 666-671.
  • Brauchi S., Orta G., Mascayano C., Salazar M., Raddatz N., Urbina H., Rossenmann E., Gonzalez-Nilo F., Latorre R (2007) Dissection of the Components for PIP2 activation and Thermosensation in TRP Channels. . Proceeding of the National Academy of Sciences,  104(24):10246-10251.
  • Carvacho I, Gonzalez W, Torres YP, Brauchi S, Alvarez O, Gonzalez-Nilo FDLatorre R (2008) Intrinsic electrostatic potential in the BK channel pore: role in determining single channel conductance and block. . J. Gen. Physiol. Feb;131(2):147-61. Figure Cover
  • Fernando Gonzalez-Nilo, Tomas Perez-Acle, Sergio Guinez-Molinos, Daniela Geraldo, Claudia Sandoval, Alejandro Yevenes, Leonardo S. Santos, V. Felipe Laurie, Hegaly Mendoza And Raul E. Cachau. (2011) Nanoinformatics: an emerging area of information technology at the intersection of bioinformatics, computational chemistry and nanobiotechnology.  Biological Research.  Accepted. Review
  • Leandro Zúñiga, Valeria Márquez, Fernando D. González-Nilo, Christophe Chipot, L. Pablo Cid, Francisco V. Sepúlveda & María Isabel Niemeyer (2011) Gating of a pH-sensitive K2P potassium channel by an electrostatic effect of basic sensor residues on the selectivity filter. PLoS ONE. 2011, Accepted.
  • Gonzalez, Wendy; Riedelsberger, Janin; Morales-Navarro, Samuel E.; Caballero, Julio; Alzate-Morales, Jans H.; Gonzalez-Nilo, Fernando D.; Dreyer, Ingo, (2012) The pH sensor of the plant K+-uptake channel KAT1 is built from a sensory cloud rather than from single key amino acids.  Biochemical Journal. Vol: 442 , 57-63 Part: Part 1, 
  • Aguayo, Daniel; Gonzalez-Nilo, Fernando D.; Chipot, Christophe (2012) Insight into the Properties of Cardiolipin Containing Bilayers from Molecular Dynamics Simulations, Using a Hybrid All-Atom/United-Atom Force Field.  Journal of Chemical theory and Computation. Vol. 8 (5) , 1765-1773, Mayo 
  • Moscoso Cristian; Vergara-Jaque Ariela; Márquez-Miranda Valeria, Sepúlveda Romina, Valencia Ignacio, Díaz-Franulic Ignacio, González-Nilo Fernando y Naranjo David (2012) K+ Conduction and Mg2+ Blockade in a Shaker Kv-Channel Single Point Mutant with an Unusually High Conductance.  Biophysical Journal, Vol. 103, Septiembre 2012