The Interdisciplinary Center for Neuroscience of Valparaíso is a private non-profit corporation stablished on April 28th, 2009. 

The purpose of the Corporation will be develop and strengthen scientific research, specially in neuroscience involving theoretical advances or applications in biomedicine and other areas of technology; diffusion of scientific achievements, and put Valparaíso as a Neuroscience reference place at national at national and international level. 

Directors of the Corporation 

President                Ramón Rogelio Latorre de La Cruz

Vice- President        Alan Neely Delgueil

Secretary                  Ana María Cardenas Díaz

Treasurer                   John Ewer Lothian  

Corporation Members

David Oliver Naranjo Donoso 

Kathleen Elizabeth Whitlock

Adrián Palacios Vargas

Agustín Demetrio Martínez 

Oliver Schmachtenberg



Corporation’s Memory 2013

Corporation’s Memory 2014

Corporation’s Memory 2015




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