CINV – Max Planck Meeting 2014

This Meeting between Max Planck Institutes scientists and Chilean researchers was born during conversations held between a Max Planck Delegation led by the Dr. Walter Stuehmer of the Max-Planck-Institute fur Experimentelle Medizin, Gottingen, and Chilean Neuroscientists, represented by Professor Dr. Ramón Latorre in April 2008. The Max Planck delegation was formed by several Max Planck Institute Directors and the Vice-president of the Max Planck Society Professor Dr. Herbert Jäckle. During this Max Planck “Fact Finding Mission” it was agreed that in order to consolidate potential collaborations and information exchange, the first activity will be to organize a Symposia sometime in 2009 or at the beginning of 2010.

The second MP-CINV meeting took place in January 2010 and brought 14 investigators from the MP and 20 investigators from Chile. The meeting covered two topics: Neuroscience and Nanotechnology. We chose these two scientific areas because of their importance and the fast development that they have undergo during the last years. In particular the growth of Neurosciences in Chile has been appreciable and today it is possible to find Neuroscience Centers, not only in the capital, Santiago, but also in Valparaíso, Concepción and Valdivia. On the other hand, its relevance was made clear in an article published by the prestigious scientific journal Science that called this century the “Century of the Brain”. Between the 25 most important questions that will keep the scientific community busy for years to come stand out several that involved neuroscience matters: Which are the biological bases of consciousness? How we store and recover memories from our brain? In a few words, the importance to know how the brain works has enormous implications in particular in a world in which the life expectancy increases every year. World population is getting old and it is expected that ravaging health problems like Alzheimer and Parkinson will become more frequent. The only solution to these problems will be to understand our nervous system. Nanotechnology, on the other hand, is significant on account of its pre- eminence upon the comprehension, use, and control of matter at magnitudes of a minute scale, akin to approaching atomic levels, with which to manufacture new substances, instruments, and frameworks. Also known as ‘Molecular Manufacturing’, it is an emergent diversity of technologies in which medicine and engineering come together with physics and chemical science which are opening up many brand new possibilities especially within the medical arena in terms of implantable transmission methods, which are often favored to the application of injectable medicines.

The third joint meeting MP-CINV will take place in Valparaíso on January 19-22, 2014 covering different subjects of neuroscience, including neural network, neurogenetics, sensory biology, computational neuroscience and brain science.

 News about this meeting: 

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