What’s on your mind?


What’s on your mind?

Researchers of the CINV are bringing science closer to students of the Valparaiso region through a series of lectures.

In these talks, professors from the CINV use a simple language and didactic examples to explain the different areas of neuroscience, their research, and the importance of science in our daily lives. These talks are aimed mainly at secondary students between 15 to 17 years old.


Talks of CINV 2015

08th  May – Viña del Mar
Talk: “What we know about our brain?”
Investigator: Andrés Chávez Ph.D

 25th  May – Viña del Mar
Talk: “Sences, Our window to the world”
Investigator: Oliver Schmachtenberg Ph.D

24th  June – Quilpué
Talk: “Neuroscience of the Senses”
Investigator: Patricio Orio Ph.

19th August – Quillota
Talk: “We are a living battery?”
Investigator : Carlos González Ph.D

24th  August – Zapallar
Talk: “The chemistry of the brain”
Investigator: Ana María Cárdenas Ph.D


Photo Gallery

 Oliver Schmanchtenberg  Ph.D / School: José Cortes Brown 




  Patricio Orio Ph.D  / School : Aconcagua



Ana María Cárdenas Ph.D / Schools:  Parroquial Francisco Didier  and Zapallar



Carlos González Ph.D  / School : Valle del Aconcagua



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