CINV Postdoctoral Fellowship Program 2015


The Centro Interdisciplinario de Neurociencia de Valparaíso (CINV,, at the Universidad de Valparaiso in Valparaiso, Chile, invites young postdoctoral researchers to apply for a Postdoctoral Fellowship at the CINV. The purpose of this program is to support outstanding and highly motivated PhD graduates from any country who wish to initiate or continue a scientific project in one of CINV’s labs, which are:

  1. Structure and Function of Molecular Sensors:
  2. Cellular Signaling:
  3. Genetics and Development of the Nervous System:
  4. Systems and Circuit Neuroscience:
  5. Molecular Simulation and Computational Biology:

For more details, please visit our webpage and contact CINV scientists in your area of interest: 
The successful candidate will receive a one-year fellowship. A second year of funding will be subject to competitive renewal. Granted CINV fellows are expected to apply in May 2015 for external funding [e.g. FONDECYT] to support their following years at CINV.
The monthly salary will be 1.5 million Chilean pesos, equivalent to ~2600 USD at present (August 6, 2014). A formal agreement between CINV and the awardee will establish the legal conditions of this scholarship.

I.       PhD or equivalent obtained within five years prior to March 1st, 2015.
II.     The following documents to be included in the application:
           1. Research statement
           2. CV, including principal publications and activities (Max. 3 pages)
           3. Research proposal (Max. 3 pages), including:
                      a) Summary (1 page)
                      b) Methods and Analysis
                      c) Gantt chart, indicating specific objectives to be fulfilled
                      d) Expected results and projections
           4. Two letters of recommendation, including one from the PhD tutor.
           5. A letter of commitment from the CINV researcher at whose laboratory the project will be carried out (

Antecedents, letters of recommendation and commitment should be electronically sent to before the 1st of December, 2014. Incomplete applications will not be considered. No documents will be received after this deadline.

A review panel of CINV researchers will communicate the results of this competition by December 15, 2014. The panel reserves the right to declare the competition void if none of the applicants are deemed suitable.


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More than three hundred students attended the launch of NeuroCuentos (Neuroscience Stories) for children

Several schools from the Valparaiso Region attended the launch of the web site, which houses the first collection of NeuroCuentos in Chile.




Saúl Schkolnik, writer, poet, and academic from the Universidad de Playa Ancha who also wrote the prologue of these stories, attended the event as a special guest.  In his speech, Schkolnik discussed the importance of these kinds of educational activities to promote children’s education within society.  


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School Uniforms Arrive to Victims of Valparaiso’s Fire

On the 17th of June, members of Ciencia Al Tiro donated fifty-two school uniforms to students of the school Frederico Albert, a school severely damaged by the fire that burned Valparaiso last April. Many of the students at Frederico Albert lost their uniforms along with everything else they owned in the fire.

 Using donations from Chile and abroad, Ciencia Al Tiro bought the new uniforms for the children with the hope that these children continue their education. The director of the school along with member of Ciencia Al Tiro gave the children the new uniforms at a school ceremony. The students, who ranged from third to eighth grade, received the uniforms with much gratitude and happiness.

 Thank you to everyone who donated. Your donations encouraged children to continue their education and pursue a better future! 

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Successful launch of the 2014 Tertulias Porteñas Season

A sommelier, who focused his exposition on flavor and taste; a neurobiologist, who revealed mysteries regarding smells; and a visual artist, who talked about sound and also about the importance of silence, conversed with Cristián Warnken in this meeting organized by the CINV.


 Full spanish version here


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Directors Nucleos and Milenios Institutes get together in Valparaiso to talk about the challenger of science in our country.

Directors of Nucleos and Milenios Institutes get together in Valparaiso to talk about the challenger of science in our country.

Actividad fue presidida por Dr. Ramón Latorre, director de Centro Interdisciplinario de Neurociencia; Aldo Valle, rector de U. de Valpo, el senador Francisco Chahuán y el director de la Iniciativa Científica Milenio, Claudio Wernli. 

Crear una institucionalidad de la ciencia en Chile, aumentar el financiamiento del Estado en esta área, y promover la transferencia de conocimiento a la sociedad, fueron algunos de los desafíos planteados en la mesa de discusión que reunió a directores de Institutos Milenios e investigadores de todo Chile.

Ramón Latorre, Director del Centro Interdisciplinario de Neurociencia de Valparaíso

Ramón Latorre, Director del Centro Interdisciplinario de Neurociencia de Valparaíso


Aldo Valle, Rector Universidad de Valparaíso


Senador Francisco Chahuán




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Children`s Neuroscience stories will be presented in Valparaíso


The launching ceremony for the web site “” and the collection of eight neurosciences stories  will be hosted at the auditorium of the Pontificia Universidad Católica of Valparaíso, on June 24th at 10:30. 


 Full spanish Version 

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“Refugio de Científicos” Book Launch

The book launch of “Refugio de científicos” will be held on June 11 at 18:00 o’clock in the Centro de Extensión del Consejo Nacional de la Cultura y las Artes, Sotomayor Square, Valparaíso.

“Refugio de Científicos” explores the story of the “Severin” building and how the city’s history is connected with science.
The Cultural Minister, Claudia Barattini; the President of the Universidad de Valparaíso, Aldo Valle; and CINV´s Director, Ramon Latorre will launch the book on June 11 at 18:00 o’clock.

The event will be hosted by Eduardo Cavieres, academic and History National Prize and Agustín Squella, Lawyer and Humanities and Social Science National Prize.

The activity will be hosted at the Centro de Extensión del Consejo Nacional de la Cultura y las Artes, Plaza Sotomayor, Valparaíso.



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“Schedule changes are a very bad idea”, states John Ewer, biological clocks expert.


Scientific evidence shows that physiologically humans being take a long time to adjust to the new schedule imposed by the hour change. Moreover, this change generates important changes, both short and long term, on peoples’ health.

Midnight of last Saturday, the schedule changed to the wintertime and clocks were delayed one hour. Although this change allows us to sleep one more hour, not everybody responds in the same positive way, because schedule changes generate a resynchronization between the internal and environmental rhythms and cause changes in the organism from adaptation problems and sleep disruption to malaise.


Source :  Un Noticias

Full spanish version 


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Ramón Latorre at the Puerto de Ideas Festival of Antofagasta: “Science is not so far from poetry”


Ramón Latorre, reminisced about the world of neuroscience, the nervous system and the human perception in a talk the last Sunday Antofagasta´s Science Festival. organized by Puerto de Ideas Foundation 

Latorre brought the world od science closer to the community,  providing the historic account of the development of the field neuroscince and the discovery of electicity in human beings. The exibition was the Sunday the 13th of April at 10:30 hrs at the Antofagasta Railway. 





Full Spanish Version: Ramón Latorre en Festival Puerto de Ideas ed Antofagasta: “La ciencia no está muy lejos de la poesía” 

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Universidad de Valparaíso honored Ernesto Cardenal, Roberto Ampuero, and Kathleen Whitlock

Ernersto Cardenal received a Doctorate Honoris Causa and  Roberto Ampuero and  Kathleen Whitlock received the Universidad de Valparaíso Medal 

Source: UV Noticias

 The Universidad de Valparaóso bestowed the Nicaraguan Poet Ernesto Cardenal with a honorary docotorate  during the opening ceremony for the 2014 Academic Year. On this ocassion, the Medal Universidad de Valparaíso was awarded to Roberto AMpuero, writer and former Cultural Minester, and to Kathleen Whitlock,  UV academic and founder of Ciencia Al Tiro, a program created to teach science to children in under privileged schools. 





Ful Spanish Version:  Universidad de Valparaíso distingue a Ernesto Cardenal, Roberto Ampuero y Kathleen Whitlock
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