Alex Vielma

Postdoctoral Researcher
“Centro Interdisciplinario de Neurociencia de Valparaíso”.
Research Area: Retinal Physiology.
Sensorial Physiology Laboratory, Professor Oliver Schmachtenberg
Ph.D. in Neuroscience, Universidad de Valparaíso, Chile (2013).
Graduate in Biochemist, Universidad Católica de Valparaíso, Chile (2006)

Curriculum Vitae

Contact Information:

E-mail: alex.vielma at, alexvielma at
Teléfono: (56)-(32)-2508358; -2508186
Fax: (56)-(32)-250 8047
Address: Centro Interdisciplinario de Neurociencia de Valparaíso.
Facultad de Ciencias, Universidad de Valparaíso.
Gran Bretaña 1111. Playa Ancha. Valparaíso. Chile.

Research Statement:

My interest is focuses on understand how different neuromodulators can regulate the principal retinal pathways, which confers to the retina a greater processing capacity of visual signals. During last years, I was working on the role of nitric oxide (NO) as a neuronal messenger in the retina. This research generated a publication about the effects of NO on the electroretinogram in Experimental Eye Research, a comprehensive review on the multiple roles of NO in retinal physiology in Brain Research, and a manuscript in preparation related with the NO modulation of glutamate responses in bipolar cells of the rat retina.
Currently, I am studying, in collaboration with Marco Fuenzalida at “Centro de Neurobiología y Plasticidad Cerebral” (CNPC) and Oliver Schmachtenberg at CINV, the inhibitory modulation of the light responses in OFF bipolar cells of the retina. Our goal is to determine the mechanisms by which distinct OFF bipolar cells types can separate the signal of photoreceptors in different parallel channels, and how each of them are modulated by inhibitory transmission and endocannabinoid signaling.


  • Angelina Palacios-Munoz, Maria José Escobar, Alex Vielma, Joaquín Araya, Aland Astudillo, Gonzalo Valdivia, Isaac Garcia, José Hurtado, Oliver Schmachtenberg1, Agustín D. Martínez, Adrian G. Palacios. (2014). Role of Connexin Channels in the Retinal Light Response of a Diurnal Rodent. Accepted in Front. Cell. Neurosci.
  • Vielma AH, Retamal MA, Schmachtenberg O. (2012). Nitric oxide signaling in the retina: what have we learned in two decades? Brain Res. 1430:112-125.
  • Vielma A, Delgado LM, Osorio R, Elgueta C, Palacios AG, Schmachtenberg O. (2010). Nitric oxide amplifies the rat electroretinogram. Exp Eye Res. 91(5):700-709.
  • Schleich C, Vielma A, Glössman M, Palacios AG, Peichl L. (2010) The Retinal Photoreceptors of Two Subterranean Tuco-tuco Species (Rodentia, Ctenomys): Morphology, Topography and Spectral Sensitivity. J Comp Neurol. 518(19):4001-4015.
  • Palacios AG, Bozinovic F, Vielma A, Arrese CA, Hunt DM, Peichl L. (2010) Retinal Photoreceptor Arrangement, SWS1 and LWS Opsin Sequence, and Electroretinography in the South American Marsupial Thylamys elegans (Waterhouse, 1839). J Comp Neurol. 518(9):1589-1602.
  • Delgado LM, Vielma A, Kahne T, Palacios AG, Schmachtenberg O. (2009) The GABAergic System in the Retina of Neonate and Adult Octodon degus, Studied by Immunohistochemistry and Electroretinography. J Comp Neurol. 514(5):459–472.
  • Herrera G, Zagal JC, Diaz M, Fernandez MJ, Vielma A, Cure M, Martinez J, Bozinovic F and Palacios AG.  (2008) Spectral sensitivities of photoreceptors and their role in colour discrimination in the green-backed firecrown hummingbird (Sephanoides sephaniodes). J Comp Physiol A. 194(9):785-794.
  • Vielma A, Ardiles A, Delgado LM, and Schmachtenberg O. ( 2008) The elusive crypt olfactory receptor neuron: Evidence for its stimulation by amino acids and cAMP pathway agonists. J Exp Biol. 211(Pt 15):2417-2422.

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